The Mochizuki School


The Mochizuki School is the school of the family Mochizuki, an independent and exclusive contractor of the World Yoseikan Federation, and is a distinct and independent entity of the world-wide organization. The École Mochizuki remains linked to the WYF by acting as ambassador of the world-wide organization.

The École Mochizuki consists of Shihan Hiroo Mochizuki, Mitchi Mochizuki, Kyoshi Mochizuki and anyone designated by this independent entity. The École Mochizuki has no decision-making authority with regard to the World Yoseikan Federation, its structure or its mission. The École Mochizuki, specifically Shihan Hiroo Mochizuki, the creator of Yoseikan Budo, remains the worldwide ambassador for Yoseikan Budo and is free at any and all times to give input into the WYF to ensure the integrity of the martial art.  The École Mochizuki will work closely with the Technical Development Work Group to insure the accuracy and quality of the WYF curriculum.

Specifically, the École Mochizuki will have the following roles:


To continue the technical development of Yoseikan Budo;

To oversee the ongoing development and teaching of all international experts (national technical directors)

To furnish support to the countries in the process of development;

To furnish a technical support to the member nations of the WYF that desire to call upon the service of the School;

To act as ambassador of the Yoseikan Budo and the "Mochizuki" name throughout the world



  • 1931: Minoru Mochizuki founds the YOSEIKAN Dojo (rebuilt in 1950 after the war) where he teaches Judo, Aiki-Jujitsu, Iaido and Kobudo (Katori Shinto Ryu). In the late 1960’s, Karate is taught as well, under the direction of Master SANO.
  • 1957: At the request of one of his students, Jim ALCHEIK (co-founder in France of the Federation of Aikido, Tai Jitsu and Kendo), he sends his eldest son, Hiroo, to Europe to promote Aikibudo. Hiroo becomes one of the first Japanese to present and demonstrate Karate Shotokan in Europe.
  • 1959: Hiroo MOCHIZUKI returns to Japan to finish his veterinary studies. In 1963, after the accidental death of Jim ALCHEIK in Algeria and in response to the wishes of the latter’s students, Minoru Mochizuki sends his son back to France.
  • 1963: In France, Hiroo Mochizuki teaches Aikido and is one of the first to introduce Wado Ryu Karate to Europe.
  • 1964: Hiroo Mochizuki becomes 1st Technical Advisor of Aikido and Karate within the FFJDA (French Federation of Judo and Assimilated Disciplines). Together with Jacques DELCOURT, he takes part in the creation of the FFKAMA (French Federation of Karate and Affinitive Martial Arts) and the European Karate Union, in 1965, where he also becomes 1st Technical Advisor.
  • 1965: He creates his own school of martial arts. First named “YOKEN” (mastery of sabre and fist), he later calls it YOSEIKAN BUDO in 1970 in homage to his father, Master Minoru MOCHIZUKI, after the name of his Dojo.
  • 1967: He discovers the wave theory.
  • 1975: The French Federation For Yoseikan Budo is created.
  • 1978: The International Centre For Yoseikan Budo is created.

Master Hiroo Mochizuki

Born in 1936 in Shizuoka, Japan, Master Hiroo Mochizuki owes the basis of his knowledge in Aikido (8th Dan), Ju-Jitsu (8th Dan), Iaido (7th Dan), Judo (3rd Dan) and Kobudo to his father. In addition, he received solid training in Karate (10th Dan) and is adept in several styles: principally Karate Shotokan with Master HYOGO and Karate Wado Ryu with Masters Hironori OHTSUKA and Shinji MICHIHARA. He has also practiced French Savate Kickboxing, English boxing (with a professional champion) and has a marked interest in all martial arts, especially those Chinese as he spent some time living in China with his father.

Mitchi and Kyoshi Mochizuki - the two sons of Master Hiroo Mochizuki
Mitchi and Kyoshi Mochizuki - the two sons of Master Hiroo Mochizuki

3 generations of martial arts capacity

Mitchi Mochizuki and Kyoshi Mochizuki

Hiroo’s two sons continue to help in developing the Yoseikan system and are shown in the photo opposite with their father and grandfather – Mitchi Mochizuki (5th Dan) on the left and Kyoshi Mochizuki (4th Dan)on the right of the photo.