2014 - The International Teacher School WYF and Members from the Technical Council WYF
2014 - The International Teacher School WYF and Members from the Technical Council WYF

Pedagogy/Education Work Group:


This work group plays an important role within the structure of the WYF. The roles of this group of work are:

To assure the survival and the continuity of the School of the frameworks in a manner to form the teaching;

To develop and conceive of educational new tools and educational to assure a quality teaching;

To render accessible to the instructors this equipment and these educational tools to favour the teaching and the progression


Technical Development Work Group:


This group is constituted of the international experts (technical directors) of all member countries. Their mission is to meet periodically in order to work and to exchange together on the evolution of the technical progression of the Yoseikan Budo. They also can center their work on research in order to let the technical program evolve. This workgroup will work directly with Ecole Mochizuki and Shihan Hiroo Mochizuki and/or his designee to insure the technical progression of Yoseikan Budo.


Development Work Group:


This work group is responsible for identifying the places where the Yoseikan Budo is in need of support and development or is nonexistent. This work group will work to develop and implement strategies for finding and maintaining contacts with interested individuals, independent clubs or organizations in order to further develop or eventually open affiliated schools of Yoseikan Budo. This work group also will be able to furnish a support to the countries practicing the Yoseikan Budo and that in the process of development and need support.


Athletic/sportive Work Group:


This work group will be responsible for the ongoing development of the athletic/sportif sections of Yoseikan Budo including competition, rules for competition, rules for arbitrage, development of arbiteurs, development of Yoseikan Sparring and Yoseikan Training.

Ideally, this work group will be composed of former competitors, former or current coaches, arbiteurs, and teachers of Yoseikan Sparring and Yoseikan Training. This work group will also be responsible for the Coupe de Monde, its organization, rules and its execution at least once every 4 years. At a minimum, this group will:


Evaluate the regulations and the norms of security of the athletic practice;

Supervision of the formation of international referees;

To Supervise the athletic international encounter of the organization (World Championship, World Cup);

Give a support to the countries hosts of an international athletic encounter

Give a support counsel to the countries that would want to establish a national athletic structure


Special Projects Work Group:


This work group will be appointed as needed by the Executive Committee to address special projects that are of significance to the WYF. This special work group will address such issues as affiliation with the international group, AGFIS. And other tasks that the AC and Executive Committee deem as very important to the organization.



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