Executive Committee:


The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected officers of the Administrative Council and a coordinator. The Executive Committee is charged with the role of carrying out the directives of the AC, the requirements of the regulations and standards and is responsible for the day to day operations of the WYF. The Executive Committee is authorized to make all necessary decisions with regard to day to day operations of the WYF, entering into contracts as directed by the AC, and in certain situations when all AC members cannot be contacted before a decision must be made.  The Executive Committee is also responsible for executing the annual budget of the organization and for any other necessary financial activities of the WYF, subject to the approval of the full AC. All working groups (departments) within the organization will be responsible for delivering at least annual reports of their activities to the Executive Committee, which will be presented to the entire AC at the annual General Assembly.


The Executive Committee will be comprised of a President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Coordinator.  The officers, with the exception of the Coordinator, will be elected from the body of the AC. The Coordinator will be appointed by the President with the approval of the entire Executive Committee and only after informing the AC.


The President shall preside over all meetings of the WYF, AC, and Executive Committee. The President will also oversee the activities of the business office and the Executive Committee. The President is also responsible ensuring that the WYF is in compliance with the regulations, standards and articles of incorporation. 


The Vice-President will assume the duties of the President in those situations when the President cannot perform his or her duties. Additionally, the Vice-President is charged with oversight of membership and country development and with the ongoing relationship with the École Mochizuki.


The Secretary General is responsible for the dissemination of information to all member countries, to the AC, and the Executive Committee. All committees and work groups will submit at least annual reports to the Secretary General. The Secretary General is also responsible for all correspondence within the organization and with the public and insuring that a proper and complete database of all members and affiliated organizations is maintained.


The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the budget of the WYF and will make an annual report to the organization of all financial activities during the preceding year. The Treasurer will work closely with the business office to insure that all income is appropriately accounted for and all expenditures are correctly accounted for and distributed in a timely manner.


The Coordinator, appointed by the President and Executive Committee functions to coordinate timelines during the fiscal year, to promote smooth functioning of the Executive Committee and to insure that translations of all information are provided in at least French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.


Martin Kurth


Honorary President 

Hiroo Mochizuki


Secretary General

Nadir Boumahammed


Sport Commission

Christian Malpaga



Ahmed Bouaraba




Mohammed Harhira