Christian Malpaga (ITA)

Kyoshi Mochizuki (Ecole Mochizuki)

Nordine Boumahammed (FRA)

Mohamed Harhira (TUN)


International Referees

License A

License B

Yoseikan Budo Referee Regulation

Following the World Yoseikan Federation (WYF), an international referee that is listed on the official web portal has to activate his license every 4 years. This is mainly to protect the Yoseikan Budo sport by making sure all referees are up-to-date with the latest standards and thus to maintain a high level of quality. In order to be eligible for the license activation, a referee has to participate in at least one international referee training and one international competition within 4 years. Every registered referee will be invited by the official international referee committee to renew the license every 4 years. One an invitation is sent, the referee has to activate his license within 3 months. If that deadline is being missed, the license as well as the associated data of the referee will be deleted. By losing its license, a referee loses his entitlement with respect to the WYF. Reacquiring the license means to follow the predefined procedures defined by the international sports regulation. The activation has to be made online via the proper web form at the official website of the WYF.

Events Sporting 2019-2021

7.12.2019 - World Cup in Paris (F) - Sude Jiai

25.04.2020 - Grand Prix in Sevilla (E) - Sude Jiai & Emono Jiai

Sevilla (E)
Sevilla (E)

October. 2020 - Grand Prix in Tunis (T) - Sude Jiai & Emono Jiai

Tunis (T)
Tunis (T)

May. 2021 - WM in Switzerland (CH) - Multi Disziplin

Switzerland (CH)
Switzerland (CH)