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Soke Hiroo Mochizuki

Ceremony diploma;

Minoru Mochizuki and Hiroo Mochizuki

Public handing over of the Soke Certificate to Hiroo MOCHIZUKI

by his father Minoru MOCHIZUKI during the internation training session

in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer (France, Aug. 2012) "

The undersigned, Minoru MOCHIZUKI, 1st Soke of Yoseikan School, pass on my title today to Hiroo MOCHIZUKI. With this document, I appoint him as 2nd Soke. In Aix en Provence, France May 5th. 2000"

May. 2021 - WM in Switzerland (CH) - Multi Disziplin (canceled)

Brig-Glis und Visp: Briefings und Wettkampf: Donnerstag, 20. bis Samstag, 22. Mai 2021. Ankunft der Wettkämpfer: Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2021 und Abreise: Sonntag, 23. Mai 2021 


Multidisziplin Yoseikan Budo

Weight: Catégories de Poids



Senior A & B

Poids Minimum Féminines  

– 54 kg – 62 kg – 72 kg

10 oz

72 kg et +

12 oz

Poids Minimum Masculines 

– 60 kg

10 oz

– 65 kg

10 oz

– 70 kg – 75 kg

12 oz

– 80 kg – 85 kg

12 oz

– 90 kg

12 oz

90 kg et +

12 oz

Switzerland (CH)
Switzerland (CH)

Soke Hiroo Mochizuki

I thank you very much for the birthday wishes you sent me. I felt your deep friendship.

Friendship is fundamental to me because it has neither borders nor limits. I think that the future of humanity lies in the unification of the whole world where we all live in one country that spreads all over the world.

Problems appeared a few weeks ago, and now we have to fight an invisible enemy: the corona virus that has attacked the whole world – but the good thing is that we are all united against this enemy.

A lot of courage and good luck to everyone!