Yoseikan Budo Method and Teaching

The creation of Yoseikan Budo emerged from a reflection of Master Hiroo Mochizuki who observed this principle: every form of energy – sound, light, heat, electrical power, ocean waves – is transmitted through a sinusoidal wave. The only element that changes is the wavelength.

This statement further led him to a quest for a system that would allow the use of this principle within the human body (ref. chapter: “undulating movement”). He finally succeeded by isolating this undulation and transferring the power of the main body to the limbs – and by extension, to the weapons—through a wave.

This in turn allowed:

l To significantly augment the power of impacts (testing at the INSEP – National Institute of Sports – in Paris, France, proved this assumption to be true)

l To establish a relation and similarity between various techniques, atemi, throws or locks either barehanded or with weapons.

The originality of the system and pedagogy of the Yoseikan Budo of Master Hiroo Mochizuki is a direct result of this discovery, a wave that is a common ground for all martial arts and combative sports.

The system’s theory is easily demonstrated through the kata “Yoseikan Happo”.

This kata, used as a pedagogic tool, obviously shows that all martial arts –as well as many other sports—are based on the development of a similar movement. Understanding and mastering the basic wave through “Yoseikan Happo” simplify the learning and assimilation of all technical forms issued from that principle.

Many have hopelessly tried to create a synthesis of martial arts by comparing them to the branches of a tree. This comparison is meaningless. Instead, one should consider the trunk of the tree firsthand. The trunk is the most important part of the tree. It’s the trunk that gives birth to the branches rather than the other way around.


As opposed to the common belief and teaching:  All=1

Yoseikan Budo can be summed-up through this equation: 1= All


The ambitious approach of Master Hiroo Mochizuki has been nothing less than going back to the source, to the trunk, to the key and essence of martial arts.

All tecnic of Yoseikan Budo is teaching by a modern pedagogic sistem of modular concept